Madame Caramel

latex mistress London

Pro Dominatrix Sessions with Madame Caramel

You are longing to serve Me however, you are not sure where to start? Here is your opportunity to impress me.

Carefully read the following guidelines. Read them thoroughly and then, read them again. Once you have done so and you truly believe that we might be right for each other, you may follow on to my application. Be very careful though!  You only have one chance to grab my attention.

Domination Sessions

I have evolved; as a mature and experienced dominatrix, I am no longer bothered by short and quick transactions and encounters. Truth be told, I just don’t have the time!  What interests me now, are longer deep and meaningful experiences. I relish these moments of discovery, shared connections where I can truly delve into your kinky brain. I want to know your deepest darkest secrets and I want to be the one that orchestrates them into reality. Tell me your desires, I promise you I will not be surprised. Who knows… your fetishes may also be some of my own.

Ready to explore a higher state of mind?

Let me elaborate on the differing types of professional dominatrix experiences that suit me particularly well.

Please note: My fee begins at £900, though I am open to negotiate depending on our mutual interests and the length of booking. I am currently based in Holland which is but a short distance from the UK, and of course all of Europe. Have passport, will travel!

All of my sessions now include a light pre-session meal and drink so we may get to know each other properly before play begins. This is such an important addition and it guarantees that we will move forward together on the same wavelength. The success of our time together depends on these moments of honesty and discussion. If you want to reach subspace and a higher state of mind, it starts with a simple conversation.

4 Hours +

A longer and more relaxed session with a dominatrix can be a very sensuous, erotic or intense and cruel experience – or why not all? We will discuss areas of interest in advance, but as an example, I just adore rubber fetish enclosure full of teasing, denial, probing and much much more.


I want to be wined, dined and seduced by you. Yes, you heard me, even as a dominatrix I love to be seduced! You will be teased discreetly, perhaps even locked in chastity beforehand, made to perform little tasks in the toilet to arouse me and make you suffer for my pleasure… then led into my lair for an evening of debauchery

Libertinage Weekend

To wake up next to me is such a privilege, to bathe me, massage me, to experience art, music and food with me is indeed something that most desire. I truly experience the full essence of myself and what I truly enjoy, plus my constant need to be aroused and to use you is just a delightful bonus!


Please be upfront with what you can afford and I will make my decision to accept or not. Haggling is not a turn on. So I can be able to truly relax and enjoy our experience, I need to make sure that I’m well taken care of, and that taking 3 days out of my life does not interfere with my financial situation. Being with me is stress-free – you will be relaxed and have a wonderful time with me. Your privacy is assured and guaranteed.

I will take 50% of my session fee as I do not wish to have my time wasted


Please make initial contact through my contact form only. Be very polite, and respond clearly to my questions. Although I prefer to see people with references, I’m very willing to see new people who present themselves to me respectfully. I’m old school, I love a charming man – common people have no place in my life. I adore mature,  well educated and of course submissive gentlemen.

You will always find me well dressed, and I take great pride in my appearance. I’m a BBW voluptuous black goddess, I adore my curves and I will never lose them! I’m very comfortable in my own skin and I command any room with my presence – only a chosen few can do this.