Madame Caramel

Slubb The Ultimate Wanking Device

If you want to see me smiling introduce me to a new toy matters not if small or big , if vibrating or not but once i was introduced to SLUBB made by this two amazing German brothers i was hooked . I used it on me and on my bois and the end result is super fantastic . Now you will also have the opportunity to get one at a discounted rate of 5% if you use my code madame5caramel


The price is a mere 146.90 Euros which is a bargain most machine likes sets of us $300 plus . There customer service is amazing and i really guarantee that you will love this machine . Do check the my video here where i will show how easy is to set up and operate it and let’s the fun begin .. Do not forget your 5% off use my code so you have the discount. Slubb Happy Cumming . Madame Caramel

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