Madame Caramel

This was the second training I did with @NubianMatriarch and I super loved it.
She first helped me integrate in my Dubai experience, and now a workshop to help with my kinky practices. Can totally recommend.

Lia Lazuli

I had the absolute honour of training this week under the guidance of @NubianMatriarch. Something I have wanted to do for a long time and expand my repertoire for @KLECollective I would recommend her training to any SW that wants to expand their skills. ❤️??

Penelope Bond

“If you’re looking to take your business to the next level – or, more plainly, if you need someone to talk to about making this part of your life a professional, proper business – I can’t encourage you enough to book a session with Mme. Caramel.

If you’re already here, it means that you’ve been asking yourself several very important questions (regarding the kind of client you’d like to attract, how you’d like to advertise yourself, etc.) and I assure you that her answers will make things crystal clear.

Additionally, she has more than fifteen years of experience and expertise that not only are area-specific, but that she will tailor to your particular case: she will give you useful advice that’s all about you and your business. She will also help you position yourself better in the market of your interest, and allow you to tap into her well of wisdom, which was a huge privilege for me.

On top of everything else you will have a blast with her, she’s incredibly relatable and will help you navigate the backstage of this business, helping you design the steps to get your business (and yourself) where you want it to be.

It has been a game-changer for me, and I’m sure that it will be a game-changer for you too.”

– Salem

“For a while now as a professional companion and lifestyle BDSM player, I’ve wanted to venture into professional domination but felt intimidated. As I dabbled as a submissive for a while I realised my true calling was domination and switch play. Thankfully after following Madame Caramel for a while on Twitter I was assured she was the best mentor on teaching me how to use implements, marketing myself and engaging with my subs. She is an inspirational woman, all around and a true professional. I look further to new mentorship opportunities with her!”

– Mimi Fawn

Madame Caramel is supportive, and gives advice when needed. She also helps with your exposure as a Domme in the early stages of your career.

–  Goddess Sheba

I had the pleasure of having a one-on-one online workshop with Madame Caramel, which she kindly arranged for me since I’m starting my travels from all the way across the planet in America. There were a few technical issues in making the connection but nothing beyond what I’d normally expect when skype-ing with someone overseas. Once the link was established we had a very clear connection and I never felt like Madame Caramel was rushing through things or being anything less than supremely generous in sharing her time & knowledge.

And the knowledge she shared with me was very valuable indeed: I left that session feeling like I was really able to tackle the awesome challenge of jetting across the planet, to a part of the world not necessarily known to be friendly to sex workers or uppity women, where I didn’t speak the language or know a single soul – and come away having made some serious money. Which is EXACTLY the knowledge I wanted and needed!

My workshop with Madame Caramel was worth every penny I paid. And even after our session was over she’s continued to keep in touch with me, being there to answer my questions and offer support in countless ways. I can’t wait to put everything I’ve learned into practice!

–  Goddess Evil Opal

Madame Caramel’s workshop for those wishing to become a professional dominatrix in London was both informative and inspiring.

A wide range of relevant areas were covered she also encouraged me to think on a larger scale.

After the workshop had ended I received follow up assistance as well as valuable contacts to get myself started.

I most definitely intend on attending the Gulf workshop in the future.

Lady Serena