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The Importance of Chastity Part 1


I do truly believe that the way to re-educate a man is very strict male training and chastity. Control the cock and you will control the man. I have 4 collared slaves in my Femdom Household. Not full time, soon enough I shall have that, but for now part time.  Joris the Belgian boy, my lover and my personal slave ; Alex my Hungarian cleaner boy ;  Bottey my English driver / electrician/ painter ;  and Andrew the CEO, my lover and my submissive.

Through time, each has been chastised entirely for my pleasure.  Nothing is better than to see them change from full macho man persona to compliant, understanding and connecting servant.  It’s always so rewarding to have them all under my prying eyes.  All are fantastically trained to attend to all my needs, but only two are allowed much closer contact.

Over the years I have watched them grow and I’m so proud of what I have achieved.  I haven’t cooked, prepared my bath or even put panties on without assistance – there is always a boy in my presence.  This makes my life so easy and rewarding.  Now the phase of chastity that I truly enjoy of course is when they are truly broken, but this doesn’t come easily.

The first week is a happy week, the excitement of being locked is very interesting to see.  They love it because they also know I’m connected to them.  I will spend a lot of time teasing them, with my words, with my body, request more massages, anything that keeps them in full contact with my delicious body.



Although the first week is very exciting, the second becomes less bearable – the constant arousal, teasing and lack of sleep, the painful morning erection, the constant servitude, yes I become more sexually demanding so I expect lots of oral servitude. This truly puts them in their place.

No sexual release for them at all but lots and lots of pleasure for me.  I insist on it.  The attention to detail is unbelievable, listening carefully to my instructions, full attention to my needs.  Genuine submission, the real deal.  Life is all really, truly complete when my boys fulfil all my needs.

More about my views on chastity in part two

Madame Caramel




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