Madame Caramel

Transformation Services for TV & Sissies

I have decided to offer this new service in the new year. Most know about my passion with TV and sissies girls and i believe is time to but my experience out there.

I have access to amazing wigs and some sissy clothings mainly made uniforms by Birchplace and the infamous Miss By Elaine.

With the time i will be build a better wardrobe for all to share .

Someone of might already be experienced and have your own clothing and this helps but is always nice to experience new looks.

I have a good knowledge with Make up but i also will book a make up artist to achieve the best look for you and the other Girls .

Once the final look is done lots of pictures will be taken ( unless you do not wish to do so) and we all will enjoy a good time with me and other TV”s and Sissies in my well equipped dungeon.

Prosseco and nibble will be served by my naughty maid Susie Monday .

I do not have dates yet but feel free to email me if you wish to take part on

If you are attending an event please fell free to contact me , join me at my apartment where i will transform you in to a sexy girl.

Madame Caramel

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