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Madame Caramel Brussels

Good news Belgium Slaves

I decided to visit your wonderful  city on 14th of October to the 16th of October 2018 , i’m truly excited. I know that i have a growing number of followers in town so hopefully you will also be pleased that i’m coming.

I want to have a wonderful experience  when being served, so i only see 3 slaves per day or if i have an overnight one only a day. So i advise you to schedule your time with me before i’m fully booked.

I’m a true believer of Female Supremacy and i truly believe that all males must serve and be trained by a black mistress to show where they truly belong .

You will soon realise that this is not just a job for me and that i live and breath Femdom and love to use  all submissive /slaves to my pleasure and satisfaction.

I will strip you from your ego and  in my presence you will be nothing my a slave to me and you will be obedient and follow all my commands .

Are you ready to serve a true dominant woman ? I enjoy to get to know my servants prior to a meeting so i’m available for lunch/dinner /drinks but of course i do understand that may not always be possible.

I advise you to start studying my Slave Positions  and to see my style feel free to buy some of my clips Here

I will be staying in a lovely serviced apartment and with all my travelling BDSM kit with me so prepare yourself to be used and abused.

I’m available for lunch/dinner date follow by play time of bookings so send your applications ASAP .

My fee is 300 euros per hour and you will not be rushed  . I require a deposit to all my sessions this avoid time wasting.

When emailing on  please state your name , age , nationality , BDSM interests time and day of the session  .

My tribute should arrive on a envelope and give to me in the beginning of the meeting without me having to ask for it . You must kneel and keep your head down whilst doing this to me.

Gifts are not necessary but are appreciated to have an idea of what i like check my Wishlist

I’m looking forward to have you at my feet.


Madame Caramel

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